Addressing African American Financial Literacy. Personal finance coach blog for black women.

Addressing African American Financial Literacy

That headline as well as the one from 2018, “Report Sheds Grim Details on Black Women’s Net Worth”.

What can I say… well, both left me shook. I wondered if that headline was true or if it was the result of sensational journalism. If we play devil’s advocate here and say, okay it’s true then the reality of that is indeed grim.

As a black woman, I do not feel as though it is true. I live my life not seeing that side of things. I see how my friends live but my point of view does not represent American as a whole and I could live in a bubble. In fact, I know I do.

If I pop the bubble, where does that leave me? 

With that dire headline as well as endless ones that will be shoved down our throats on an annual loop. With the sole purpose to remind black women that their net worth has just hit beyond negative territory. So, I took in those two headlines. Paused the button. Carried on with life in general.

Fast forward two years later, the cherry on top for me was the current state of things.

When I told people that I was thinking about starting a blog. They said, “oh, aren’t there too many blogs out there already”. I have no clue, I responded, then I doubled downed and explained that it will be a financial wellness blog for black women. It is in reaction to all the headlines about how black women have no wealth.

Okay, so what’s the deal?

My objective for this blog is not to offer tips on how to find the best bargains. Don’t get me wrong, I am pretty good at that now, I just feel as though you have your go to spots on where to find bargains.

I have no tips for you on where to find the best side hustles.

This is the part in the article where you are thinking then what can this blog offer me. That is a good and valid question. My answer goes something like this: I want to create a discussion. An environment of awareness. 

Here’s the thing: when someone tells you to do something, odds are high you won’t do it. Even if you elect to do it. It could be one of those flash in the pan attempts. At least that usually happens to me.

We as women have all been on that failed diet when the instructions were laid out in black and white: eat cabbage soup for a week and 10 pounds will disappear. Of course, once we ate that cheeseburger with a side a fries, those same 10 pounds decided to pay us a visit. 

Failed diets happen all the time because we don’t change our habits. The same logic applies to our financial habits. This is why we need to discover self-efficacy. 

What is this? This is the belief that you are in control. That you have the ability to initiate the change and sustain it for the desired outcome. 

It’s all on us to hit the reset button. To take action in order to reverse the trend. 

That brings me back to square one: what is this blog going to do for me? 

Think of the blog as a coach for financial wellness. If your financial wellness is a concern then the key is for you to dissect it. By doing so, you are able to pull back the curtain and reveal what is that thing behind there which causes you to exhibit certain money habits. 

We all have them. Some habits are good and some habits are bad. 

If we root out the bad ones and flip the script then we can say goodbye to the dire headlines and hello to the headlines that declare that black women reversed the trend. 

I am hopeful that one day we will see that headline. All we need to do is pick the proper tools that will take us down that path to discover our best selves. To jump-start our desired financial well-being.

I hope you join me on the journey.

Stay Tuned!

Thanks for reading.

BGMD Editorial Team

Teigh Reed is the Content Editor for BGMD. I have a passion for all things finance-related. I'm on a mission to pay forward my knowledge of money and to cheer on your accomplishments. What's on your money mind? I'm listening.

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