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Motivational Stories Vol I

Question: What does Financial Freedom Mean to You?

In the 90s, people were busy searching for their “5Cs”: car, cash, credit card, condo, and Country Club membership. Have we really thought about achieving financial freedom?

However, to date, while some are still working hard to achieve their “5Cs”, the new millennia set their “5Cs”: ‘Career, Comfort, Children, Consideration, and Charity.

I see life to be really simple, but we humans insist on complicating it to simplify things; instead of looking for the “5 + 5 C”, I will go for the “3 W,” which are “Work Without Concerns.”

Have you heard someone say, when I stop working, my mouth stops too? This is when people trade their time for money.

Have you also heard someone say, I want to pursue my passion while working? But how many people have managed to achieve that dream?

Therefore, instead of waiting for retirement, one should see the “3 Ws” along with financial freedom.

Financial freedom is defined as someone who is debt-free and has a passive income that satisfies her lifestyle. Most importantly, the latter can choose to stop working or continue working because of their passion.

Research indicating that the chances of an older adult contracting senile dementia are more significant when he has stopped exercising his brain. I will strongly encourage people to keep working, but mainly because of their passion.

My dear friend, do you know of the 100 Americans, how many of them can achieve financial freedom in their 60s? The answer is only nine. I suppose that of the nine, half were born into a wealthy family.

Have you and your spouse fight over money?

Are you worried about your credit card debt?

Compare your life savings to your lifetime earnings. Have you ever wondered how much money has passed through your hands and yet how little has been left? (Trust me, you will be surprised)

So do you want to take control of your finances or be bothered by your financial problem?

Dear friend, have you ever wondered how you could achieve financial freedom at your desired retirement age? What is financial freedom for you? It is living your desired lifestyle without monetary worries.

Carefree, you can pursue your passion and even spend more quality time with your loved ones.

You can do it! Of course, it comes with a sacrifice and means that you need to equip yourself with the necessary resources to manage your finances and work toward your financial goals.

Guest Post provided by Anonymous.

Motivational Stories is a series where I ask real women to share their unique viewpoints on financial-related topics.

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